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Flat Panel Brackets For Proper TV Mounting On The Wall

"Flat panel brackets" is simply a general way to describe a type of bracket used for affixing a television to a wall. A flat-panel television is one of many different varieties of TV that has a flat screen; LCD and plasma TVs are the most common types.

Mounting a television to the wall has become more and more popular, because it is a great way to position a television for optimum viewing, as well as create more space in the home by getting the TV up and out of the way. Many viewers contend that having a TV mounted above the line of sight creates a theater quality experience. And, even if the TV is small, a tilt mount or swivel mount can create a more dynamic viewing experience, and provide more options of where to place a television in the home or office.

Flat panel brackets come in many different varieties, and there are several factors to consider when trying deciding which kind of bracket is best for mounting a particular TV. The most important of these factors are the size and type of television being mounted, and the type of wall on which the television is being mounted. Other, perhaps less important issues are where in the home or office the TV is being mounted, and whether the TV is plasma or LCD.

Whether the television is plasma or LCD matters because these two types of TV have different viewing qualities that will determine how and where they are mounted. Depending on what type of TV it is will factor into determining the proper location, which will in turn determine what type of wall is being used, which will then determine what kind of flat panel brackets are needed.

Also, generally speaking plasma TVs are heavier than LCD TVs, and so will require sturdier TV mounting brackets. This is just a finer point of the size issue, and probably helps more with deciding what kind of TV to buy as opposed to what kind of bracket. But, it may be helpful to know that a plasma TV might require a stronger flat panel bracket than an LCD TV of the same size.

But, flat panel brackets are chosen primarily based on the television’s size, anyway, and the slight discrepancy in weight between the two kinds of TV will not matter as long the mounts are rated to support the weight of the TV, no matter the type. Typically, though, a buyer will not have to know the weight of the television, only the size of the screen. So, if a person is looking to mount a 50” TV, then the buyer should look for flat panel TV mounts that correspond with that size.

There are a few basic options for flat panel brackets: flat (or low-profile), tilted and full motion. A low-profile bracket holds the TV in a stationary position, while the tilt mount allows a TV with proper brackets affixed to be tilted up and down to provide more options as the seating in front of it is moved closer or farther away. The full-motion (sometimes called a swivel) bracket offers the most versatility, but is typically the most expensive and requires a little more space than the simpler models. It allows the TV to be tilted as well as moved up and down, and to the left and right, so the TV can be viewed from many different positions.

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