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Flat Screen TV Brackets - Choosing The Right Type

There are many wonderful flat screen TV brackets on the market today with the introduction of the various flat screen televisions by all the competing manufacturers. This is good for us because having a wider varity of TV brackets will ensure that we find the perfect one to fit out own TV.

When buying your new flat screen TV brackets there are a few things you need to keep in mind to really get the best for your television. One of the most important ones is cost. Now cost is an interesting thing: the heavier your flat screen TV, the more weight the bracket needs to support, hence the more expensive it will get. Many people don't think about buying brackets when they get their new flat TVs so when they see the extra price they need to pay for the mounting device, they prefer to leave the TV on the floor for months at no end.

This is why it is important to carefully choose the size or type of your television carefully if you find that cost or price is a major issue in your life. You might be better off buying a smaller sizes flat screen so some light and cost effective mounts can be easily purchased for their installation on the wall. You don't want to end up watching your TV on the floor!

However if cost is not an issue, you'll have another problem: the way too many types of flat screen TV brackets that are available with all the extra features and sizes available. For example you might want to be able to tilt your TV up and down and sure enough, there is a wall mount bracket available for it. Or you might want to have a full swivel motion for your TV, so you can adjust it on the go when you move to another counch or chair.

For example my parents have an open plan home whereby the kitchen and the living room have no separating wall. When they are eating in the kitchen and the TV in the living room is on, all they need to do is tilt it to the left and they can watch the TV show with ease. Once the dinner is over and they moved back to the living room, they simply turn the TV the other way for a full viewing experience of the flat screen TV.

If you're looking into flat screen TV brackets to buy the best one for your flat screen TV, check out the brackets below, they have been single-handedly selected for good performance and reviews.


This is a very strong and durable flat screen TV mount by Cheetah. It has dual arms that extend to over 20" fold to less than 5". Also an additional favorable feature is the 120 degree swivel with a 15 degree up and down tilt. If you are afraid of your TV falling off from the wall, this mount is for you as it's almost as heavy as the TV itself! At only $62.69 at an 83% saving from the original price of $360, you can't go wrong with this piece!


Bell'o fixed wall mountBell'O 7740B Ultra Low Profile Fixed Wall Mount Fits a 32-Inch to 47-Inch Flat Screen TV Up to 130 lb's

Another heavy duty flat screen TV bracket, this fits almost all TVs between 32-47 inches. It has all mounting hardware pieces in a ready to install kit and an installation guide that helps you through if you have any problems. While this is a fixed wall mount, meaning that there is not much tilting and swiveling allowed, if you're not interested in moving your TV angle a lot, at only $48.70 vs the original price of $70 this is a real steal.


Zline flat panel TV standZ-Line Designs Madrid Flat Panel TV Stand

If you do prefer to have your TV sitting on something fixed instead of hanging lose from the walll and if you have enough place on the floor, check out this beautiful stand for flat screen televisions. It is a sturdy stand that has an integrated bracket for 50" flat screen TVs. Also it has 3 storage shelves that allow you to place other related things below your television for easy reach. It has a universal hardware mounting kit that allows you to install it at home on your own with ease. Currently it has a 34% reduction in price from $349.99 to only $232.74. I like this one!

If you prefer instead to browse for other flat panel TV brackets, have a look at the low prices Amazon has currently on offer.