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Plasma TV Brackets Tips For Mounting Plasma Televisions

Plasma TV brackets are not necessarily different from any other type of mounting brackets that one would use to mount an LCD television. But, some companies do make brackets specifically for plasma televisions, and they may provide a better fit for the specific configuration of a plasma television’s back panel. This should not be an issue due to adherence to VESA guidelines by television manufacturers, but should be considered. And, plasma TV brackets may take into account other slight differences between the two types of televisions.

For instance, plasma TVs are typically a little heavier than LCD TVs. And, since TV brackets are classified by screen size rather than by television weight, this can make a difference when considering what kind of bracket to buy. If a person has a 50” plasma TV, for instance, the difference in weight between it and a 50” LCD TV could be enough to result in an unstable mount. There are three basic things that will cause a mounted TV to fall: using a bracket that is too weak to hold the TV, improper placement on the wall and improper installation. Avoid the first by taking note of the weight differences between the two types of TVs.

While the increased weight of a plasma TV may make mounting it somewhat more challenging, the available viewing angles of a plasma TV might actually end up making the process less expensive. Plasma TVs are considered to have very wide viewing angles, which means a person does not have to be sitting directly in front of the screen to be able to see it clearly. That means that a person may be able to use a less expensive plasma TV bracket to get the job done to their satisfaction.

Plasma TV brackets, and TV brackets and mounts generally, come in three basic styles: flat, tilt and full-motion. Using flat mount brackets are like hanging a picture. Once the brackets are installed and the TV is mounted, that is where it will remain. Tilting brackets allow the TV to be tilted up and down, which provides options in how close the seating is arranged. And, full-motion brackets allow the TV to be tilted, as well as moved up and down, and to the left and right. Finally, there are also pivoting arm mounts that allow a television to swing out for different viewing angles from the left or right. The brackets allow the TV to be attached to these different mounts.

But, many of these fancy, more expensive options may be foregone thanks to a plasma TV’s wider viewing angle. If the plasma TV is being mounted for viewing in a living room setting, primarily from the front, there should be no need for a mount that tilts, or a full-motion mount and accompanying. The slight difference in angle offered by the tilting mechanism, and the ability to move the TV up and down or from left to right, won’t change the quality of the image that much on a plasma television.

What’s more, mounting a plasma TV with a plasma TV mount will create more space in the home or office. This is one of best reasons to mount a television, and what makes mounting TVs increasingly popular. The advent of the flat-panel television has made it a sensible alternative to leaving it on a stand, or on the floor. Even smaller TVs are being mounted in kitchens and bedrooms, providing more counter space and room for storage, and in many cases keeping them safe from damage.

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