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TV Wall Mount Brackets Types For The TV Installation On The Wall

TV wall mount brackets are available in 3 major types. Depending on your needs, you can go for the low profile (or fixed) mounting brackets, tilting mounting brackets and full-motion (or swivel) mounting brackets.

The cheapest of all tv wall mount brackets is the fixed type, while the most expensive is the full motion type. Also the easiest to install is the cheapest type as well.

Fixed mounting brackets / low profile mounting brackets

These are the cheapest types and the easiest of all. If you think of a painting on the wall that is never moved from the location, this is it. However it's strength is also its biggest weakness: the inability to move it or tilt it in any direction at all. So you really need to adjust your room furniture (chairs, etc) in order to get the best viewing position for this TV. Also due to the fact that this bracket doesn't tilt at all, if you ever need to change out the cabling, you've got a problem right there. You need to actually remove the panel from the wall, change the cables and then install it back again. Luckily this should not happen too often.

Tilting mounting brackets

The tilting wall mounts have more flexibility than the fixed brackets and they cost a bit less than the full motion brackets. They are also very easy to install and what sets this apart from the fixed type is that you can tilt the bracket to adjust the vertical viewing angle. This makes it also easy to change out cables. However this particular type does not allow horizontal swivel or tilt.

Full motion wall mount / Swivel mounting brackets

This is the most complex mounting bracket types of all. It allows full motion (hence the name) left, right, up and down and even outwards. Unfortunately though this additional motion level makes the device more expensive than the previous two types. Also this makes it somewhat more complicated when you want to install it due to the extra arm that is moving around. You most probably need an additional person or two to help with the installation. But once it's up, you will see immediately the difference in flexibility of moving and rotating the television around.

So when you buy your next TV mounting brackets, you need to first know how exactly you want to use your TV, where you want to install it and how much budget you have set aside for the mounting device. Also don't forget to check the weight of your television as some mounts can support TVs up till only a particular weight without any danger.

Here is a quick Youtube video showing you how to mount your TV on the wall.